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oh, leonard? hey. i found these in the dryer. i'm assuming they belong to sheldon. thanks. it's really hard to find these in his size. so, listen. i've been meaning to talk to you about the other morning. you mean you and dr. slutbunny? yeah, i wanted to explain. well, you don't owe me an explanation. i don't? no, you don't. so you're not judging me? oh, i'm judging you nine ways to sunday, but you don't owe me an explanation. nevertheless, i'd like to get one on the record so you can understand why i did what i did. i'm listening. she let me. captioning sponsored by cbs and warner bros. television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. developing news out of memo park where a shooting near facebook headquarters injures a
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mother and her young child. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm jana katsuyama in tonight for heather holmes. >> we begin with developing news, covering two shootings on the peninsula that happened within a few miles of each other. the first shooting involved a mother and her child, but we begin in east palo alto where ktvu's jade hernandez has late- breaking details about the shooting there. >> reporter: investigators will have to determine if the first shooting in menlo park a few hours ago is tied to the recent shooting in east palo alto. you can see police officers are capital blocked off here. the most disturbing part is a young child was shot in the first shooting and police are investigating whether these are gang-related. we saw a woman, we believe it was the injured woman from the first shooting get into a police car. she and her 2-year-old son were taken to the hospital, where they remain tonight. she was setting in the back of car in menlo park.
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a bullet pierced the window and grazed the toddler silting on the mother's lap in the backseat. the driver's side had two bullet holes in the door. menlo park tell us that the car had four young men inside, the mother and the 2-year-old child near the facebook headquarters when a car with two latino men pulled up. there was an argument and one of those men fired into the other car. the car carrying victims made to mcdonalds in east palo alto, where they called for help. >> we're not sure if in fact, it was gang-related at this time, but ore we're looking at that aspect. recently we had some gang violence occurring in that area of menlo park. so we want to make sure to see whether this was involved with that gang violence nort. >> reporter: we watched the honda being towed away about an hour ago. that is less than a mile where we are right now here in east palo alto. i want to bring you back out
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live and show you where we are right now. at bell street, near bell street and capital avenue. this is just an hour after the first shooting and we're less than a mile from where that car ended up around 8:00 tonight. now we don't have many details about the deadly shooting that happened here in east palo alto, but we know that investigators are out here and if we get an update, we'll let you know. jade hernandez, chase utley . >> rescue crews plucked two people out of ocean a tugboat and sailboat collided outside of the golden gate. the tugboat name identify arthur brusco" collided with the boat this afternoon. the tow boat was towing a barge out to see. the force of the impact threw two people into the cold water and sunk the sailboat. >> they were rescued by a crew from golden gate and a crew from san francisco fire department. >> the two victims were not seriously injured. the coast guard says the tugboat and barge were order
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back to port so the crews could be questioned. there is no word on what caused the collision. >> the discovery of a suspiction package in chinatown forced the closure of a busy intersection. the bomb squad was called to vallejo and stockton streets where someone spotted a metal briefcase. local pisses were told to shut their doors and stay in place. >> it was a metal case and we had no other way to determine what it was other than just because there was so much pedestrian and vehicle and tons of people out here. so we had to have that for safety. >> a robot recovered the object. san francisco police say they took to an undisclosed location and "entered it safe over-from gun buybacks to marches the controversy over gun control was front and center across the nation and here in the bayer.
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ktvu assists noelle walker was at a town hall meeting in san francisco. >> reporter: the pews were filled. >> gun control was the hot topic at a town hall meeting hosted by congresswoman jackie speier, a survivor at the massive shoot ing at jonestown. >> she shouldn't have the gun and if they put them away like you are supposed to be, you wouldn't have as many people dying. >> it would be foolish if we presume that the only reason there is gun violence -- . [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: today in san mateo people lined
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up for a gun buyback. >> we're definitely going go through all of our money. >> 1, 2, 3 and 4 for you. >> reporter: $100 for arhandgun, shotgun or rifle, $200 for an assault weapon. >> the san mateo county sheriff's deputies collected piles of guns. >> reporter: congresswoman speir was at the gun buyback and she sent out a tweet saying, "holding the street sweeping made me realize that voluntary gun buybacks are an important of gun violence prevention." they got 680 gulps in the buyback,24 of them assault gun weapons. a rather unusual device was turned in today during a gun buyback in seattle. seattle police say someone turned into a surface-to-air missile and was among hundreds of weapons turned in today. so many people showed up that police had to end it early when
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the supply of gift cards ran out. ♪[ music ] . thousands of gun-control advocates gathered for a march in washington, d.c. from the capitol to the washington monument. coming up at 10, a victim says what must be done to enact sensible gun laws. >> hundreds gathered in san francisco to show saladarity with the d.c. marchers. the so-called million moms stroll included fathers, brothers, uncles, aunts and more. organizers say they are hoping to tap into the power of families to create change. i just want to get some commonsense gun safety solutions so we don't have to go through this again and again and again. >> the group one million moms for gun control is a grassroots organization that was formed after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut, which left 20 children and six educators dead. in advertising banner meant
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to promote discount haircuts ended up cutting power to thousands of san francisco customers today when it fell from the sky and landed on some pg&e lines. here you can see the banner dangling from the power lines. witnesses say they saw it fall from the back of a small plane and land on the liens around noon. that normally busy intersection was shut down while crews dealt with the situation. >> i saw the plane banner carrying the plane circling. and the banner kind of flailing and drifting. >> power has been restored now to all of the customers affected in the south of market and china basin areas. a veteran oakland police officer shot while on duty last night is expected to fully recover. police say the officer was respond a car crash at the intersection of east 12th and 48th avenue in the fruitvale district. as officers arrived on scene, one of drivers ran off. when they went to investigate they say a suspect opened fire. the officer was hit in the leg,
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but still chased the quan for a block and a half until the suspect surrender. a movie about oscar grant won the prestigious u.s. grand jury prize at the sun dantfilm festival tonight. >> are you taking the train out there? that way you guys can drink and hang out and not have to worry about anything. >> the movie-stars octavia spencer as grant's mother, wanda johnson and michael b. johnson who plays grant. it follows grant's last 24 hours before was shot and killed by a bart police officer. the film may open in the bay area later this year. in fairfield the fire department spent the day working with a structural engineer to make sure no debris could fall onto the street from the theater that was gutted in a five alarm fire last night. the flames broke out basis point:00 at the original pepper belly's comedy theater on texas street. it took three authorizing get
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it under control. no one was hurt. fire officials a crews removed debris from the building today and at 8:30 texas street was re- opened to traffic. police are searching for the driver involved in an accident that killed a teenager passenger. alex savidge tells us that highway patrol were chasing a stolen suv when it crashed. >> reporter: the out of control suv plowed into this tree in the oakland hills this morning with a total of eight people inside. paramedics transported six of them with various injuries and an oakland police sergeant told me one of the passengers a 19- year-old man later died. >> we just saw the truck go up into the rock it looked like the rock over there and then the tree and turn sideways. i thought it was going to flip over, but it didn't. >> reporter: police say this stolen suv was speeding down a speech hill with chp officers in pursuit when the driver veered off the roadway. >> i'm an rn and i came
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running, because i heard the crash and that is what i am wired to do. but i was afraid to go and see if someone was hurt because i was afraid they would think i was the bad guy. >> reporter: investigators say two men men in the suv ran off after the crash. officers caught one of them right away, but the second man who police say was the driver managed to escape. this chase actually began in el cerrito when police tried to pull over the suv. chp officers took over the pursuit on 580 near downtown oakland and the driver eventually crashed on elysian fields drive. >> when you take these extreme measures, to avoid one crime, you just multiply that and you do jeopardize the safety and lives of everyone else on the street. >> reporter: the driver who crashed the suv into the tree this morning could be in serious trouble because one of his passengers died. a sergeant toll me that the
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driver will like be facing vehicular manslaughter charges. in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the monday after super bowl a national holiday? the push to make it happen and now you can join the effort. plus a san francisco artist uses his skill to help the 49ers in their quest for a 6th super bowl championship. heated protests in san francisco as dualing events take on one of the biggest supreme court decisions. the president will portray us as cruel and unyieldle. >> former vice president candidate paul ryan addresses the g.o.p. in what to expect heading into president obama's second term in office.
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thousands of right-to-life demonstrators marched through san francisco to protest the court decision that legalized abortions in this country. as ktvu's allie rasmus showed us that they briefly crossed paths with those on other side of the issue. >> reporter: there was shouting and some verbal clashes across the barricades as abort advocates and opponents rallied on the 40th anniversary of roe v. wade. >> the clash followed a morning of quieter events, such as this rally at justin herman plaza. the roe v. wade supreme court decision made abortion legal. >> it just gave me a relief.
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rose jackson was happily married with kids, but noticed a shift in in her perspective that day. >> i was thinking that if i got pregnant and didn't want to have this baby, it was my choice and available to me. >> what is today's fight? what comes next. >> reporter: the law student who testified before congress about contraception and criticized by rush limbaugh was one of the event's speakers. >> there is more profound site about access, about affordability and insurance coverage and about making sure that people especially in rural areas have access to it. >> reporter: across town, thousands of people gathered acivic center plaza. people at the west coast walk for life rally hopes to see roe v. wade overturned one day. >> i would like everyone to question abortion. everybody said it should be legal and people just say it should be legal and safe and don't even talk about that. >> reporter: the emotions on the issue of
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abortions still run high 40 years later. in san francisco, allie rasmus, chase utley channel 2 news. president obama has promised to hold wall street accountability in his weekly address today. >> we know that the free market works bet for everybody when we have smart, commonsense rules in place to prevent irresponsibility behavior. >> the president focused on his nominations of mary joe white to the securities & exchange commission and richard cordray as the continuing leader of the consumer financial protection bureau. the president said both are former prosecutors who will help protection american consumers and enforce the law. iowa senate tom harkin announced he will not seek a sixth term. the democratic is 73-yards and said his age did play a role in his decision. president obama released a statement thank youing harkin for his service. >> today former republican vice-presidential candidate paul ryan called on members of his party to stick together and
10:18 pm
pick its fights carefully. the congressman perfect wisconsin says republicans should be prepared for president obama to try to delegitimize them during his second term. ryan said it's important that the g.o.p. does not allow itself to be vilified, but rather provide better ideas than democrats. >> we'll need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we will have to reject the president's proposals. that time might come more than once. and sometimes we'll have to make them better. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and unyielding. >> at the national review summit republican leaders discussed way to attract more women and hispanics since the face of the american electorate is changing. the work linked to the fake girlfriend hoax linked to college football player manti t'eo is shutting down her social media accounts. she wrote in the los angeles
10:19 pm
times that her photo was used without her permission. athat appears that the acquaintance responsible for the hoax easily copied her photo without permission from her social media postings. now to our continuing coverage of the 49ers quest for super bowl victory. here is a live picture at san francisco's city hall. which is all lit up in red and gold. city hall has been lit in the team's colors nines the niners began their postseason ran. they are just eight days way from super bowl xlvii and a bay area man is among those showing his true colors. bay area artist tim hon with the finishing touches on the mural called "gold blooded." it's on the side the masonic lodge. the berkeley graduate used climbing ropes and ladder to do that intricate painting. a bay area tattoo parlor is
10:20 pm
offering 49er's fans a special discount. allie ink in vallejo is offering 49-themed tattoos for of course $49. the usual price $120. the managers say they expect expenses to show up for the deal next friday and saturday. more than 7,000 people have signed an online petition asking the obama administration to declare the monday after the super bowl a federal holiday. organizers of the petition say a post-super bowl holiday would honor the popular event and result in a more productive workplace on the following tuesday. they are helping to get the signatures needed for consideration by the white house. to see the petition you go to our website at under "web links." of our coverage from new orleans starts tomorrow when the 49ers are set to arave in the big ease. ktvu sports anchor joes he fonzi and mark ibañez and ken wayne and former san francisco 49er bubba paris join him next
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week. we'll be the only local station with a live postgame show immediately following the super bowl. this evening sunnies, shi'ites, christians and jews gathered in san francisco to celebrate the birthday of the prophet muhammad. the celebration was held tonight at islamic cultural center of northern california of the organizers of the event say it's important that people from different faiths come together to learn more about each other. >> the sectarian conflict happening in the middle east is out of ignorance, hatred comes out of fear and fear out of ignorance. the more you celebrate together, you get to know each other and that time of prejudice and fear go away. >> khan says he hopes from the small steps of collective celebration, a larger understanding between faiths will grow and promote peace. oh, my -- no way! >> it's a super bowl surprise.
10:22 pm
the once-in-a-lifetime gift that this ravens couple received as they plan to marry in new orleans on super bowl sunday. a national gasline erupts in china and we'll tell you how long it took for the fire to go out, even after the gas was turned off. a little benefit activity on live stormtracker radar coming up a breakdown of shower chances over the next few hours and when warmer temperatures resurface on the five-day forecast. [ male announcer ] subway has so many heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more.
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. >> philadelphia police arrested a man who they say threatened to blow up the liberty bell. police say the man claimed he put two black backpacks ton caining explosives in front of store a half block from where the bell is grade. police called in the bomb squad and found the backpacks buc authorities say there were no explosives in them. in egypt at least 30 people are dead, killed in riots that probing out after 21 people were sentenced to death in
10:25 pm
connection with a deadly fight at a soccer game last year. police say rioters attacked a police station and a jail and then closed off the roads in and out of city and closed down the train station of those sentenced today were found guilty of taking part in last february's soccer riot that left 74 people dead. >> in yucaipa flames shot almost one hundred feet in the air in a pipeline failed yesterday. rescue workers were able to close off the gas heading to the break, but it still took five hours for the fire to stop burning. pipeline has a diameter of 32' and carries 12 billion cubic meters a year. in moscow, gay-rights activists were arrested as the lower house of the russian parliament voted overwhelming to pass a controversy antigay bill, banning the
10:26 pm
dissemination of information of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender to minors. it it passes it go to president putin for signing. hackers claiming to be from the group anonymous hacked a website in response to the death of aaron swartz. >> two weeks ago today. >> hackers imbedded this video statement on the home page of the u.s. sentencing commission. the line that that they say was crossed reefer refers to the suicide of swartz. friends and family say he killed himself because he was facing federal hacking charges; he was accused of hacking into the mit system and providing documents free of charge on internet. two baltimore raven fans are planning to get married super bowl sunday, but they got an unexpected walk down the aisle at the super bowl dome. >> oh, my gosh! >> no way! >> daisy sudano and jerry
10:27 pm
clark were surprised to get tickets to the big game thanks to a ravens player. their time has come and ravens center gino gradkowski heard their story and got the tickets. >> it's always good to do something back for them. >> case daisy is shopping for a purple wedding dress to match baltimore's colors. >> we have more developments on the shootings on the peninsula and in other news, both sides of the issue get loud in the nation's capitol. the timing of today's event with the obama administration's push to pass stricter gun laws. the warning going out to all drivers heading to san francisco tomorrow. what drivers need to know to avoid getting a ticket. you can't move the tv there.
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. this is a live look at the u.s. capitol in washington, d.c.. all is quiet there now, but earlier today thousands of people gathered at the capitol for a march in support of new gun-control legislation. the gun control debate took center stage between in the nation's capitol. that is where a march and rally was organized in just the last month, following the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. as chris engles reports one of the most powerful speeches was one who lived through a shooting massacre. >> reporter: lori bennet is not accustomed to events like this. this is her first demonstration. >> newtown just tore my heart out. i honestly didn't feel this emotional since 9/11. >> reporter: marching behind a banner that says, "when we stand together, we stand a chance." many demonstrators targeted the nra with their signs and other held up names of fun violence
10:31 pm
victims. across the street a counter- demonstration. dick heller was there. >> it's a dangerous city when people are disarmed. >> reporter: both rallies come a day after vice president joe biden hit the road to promote the president's law for new firearms law. several high-powered speakers addressed the crowd, but the perhaps the most powerful testimony came from a survivor of the 2007 massacre at virginia tech. >> be need to challenge my politician who think it's easier to ask an elementary schoolteacher to stand up to a gunman with an ar-15 than it is to ask them to stand up to a gun lobbyist with a checkbook. >> reporter: the independent firearms owners association president says gun violence won't be solved with a began. >> well, what is going to be the impact on the future ban of those magazines and guns on criminals or crazy people? zero. nada. >> reporter: but lori bennet hopes for better odds than that. >> the bottom line is that we
10:32 pm
can't prevent all the violence, but lives would have been saved. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. we have new developments now on those two shootings on the peninsula told you about earlier today. we learned from the menlo police that the to two shootings are not related a person was shot to death on capital avenue in east palo alto. the victim was pronounced dead on the scene there. police have not released the details of that shooting. about two miles away many menlo park a woman was sitting in the backseat of her car with her child. that is when bullets came through the car and struck the mother and grazed the toddler. a woman in her 70s was killed last night after a
10:33 pm
pickup truck hit her in palo alto. the victim was hit as she crossed embarcadero road between walnut drive and bret hearte street. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. police say she was not in a crosswalk. the driver stopped immediately after the accident and is cooperating with police. a benefit concert is underway to raise money for injured giant's fan bryan stow. ♪[ music ] >> giant's 3rd base coach and musician tim flannery organized the show. the show started at uptown theater in napa and another concert will be held tomorrow in stow's hometown of santa cruz. he was readmitted to the hospital after for treatment of a blood clot. family and friends joined a whose who of baseball greats at
10:34 pm
funeral services for stan musial. musial's family was joined by baseball commissioner bud selig and lowe brock along with tony la russa, whitey herzog and joe torre. the 92-year-old musial died at his home in st. louis last saturday. a public hearing on an appeal to stop development at pete's harbor in redwood city has been postponed. the hearing was scheduled for monday, but city canceled it after the developer and save peeter's harbor group asked for a delay. the stand lands commission is asked to clarify whether the lease on the outer harbor can be transferred to the developer. a mountain lion was spotted by a remote-controlled camera at a south bay nature preserve. here is the. check it out. this picture was taken at the blue oak reserve this month. it's it's a former cattle
10:35 pm
reserve that is now used by the university of california for reserve. a scientist estimates that the lion weighs more than a hundred pounds and say photo is proof that nature abides on the outskirts of san josi. a remainer if you are going to park on the streets of san francisco tomorrow you will need to pay at the parking meters. tomorrow is the first sunday that the new parking fees will be enforced between noon and 6:00 p.m.. city traffic officials say drivers will be able to prepay in the morning and the meter won't start running until noon. violators could find themselves with parking tickets that start at $62. larry ellis to the rescue rescue is in the new push to have him stop the move of the kings. a remind you can get ktvu news to go on your cell phone. download the ktvu app and watch all of your newscasts lives. be connected anytime, anywhere.
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. winter has much of the nation in an icy grip. sub-zero temperatures forced people to bundle up in parts of midwest, the east and as far south as the circumstantials. slippery roads made for dangerous drivers and emergency room nurses in central ohio say they saw a sharp spike in injuries from patients falling on ice. forecasters call for a warming up by the beginning of next week. >> let's check in with mark tamayo and see what rest of the weekend is looking like. >> a little cooler across the region and probably the biggest complaint the winds, winds gusting to 22 with 30 miles per hour.
10:39 pm
but still, lots of clear skies. we even may have heard at least the chance of a few showers in the forecast of the we had a few light showers in the remote gauges in parts of south bay, but earlier this morning the clouds cleared out. you can see a beautiful shot of the full moon looking out over the bay. some of the overcast out there in the distance, but always a neat shot to see the full moon over the bay and that is what we had tonight:on live stormtracker 2 we have mostly clear skies except rain showerses along the north coast towards humboldt county and lake mendocino. the radar loop showing rainshowers moving to the east and approaching sacramento in the next hour or two. we're going to hold on to that chance of a few light showers in the bay area for just the overnight hours as some of the that moisture moves to south. we do have some dropping temperatures. santa rosa right now checking in 44 degrees. napa, 45. san francisco in the upper 40s and san josi 47 degrees. we're talking about the winds and here is a look at some of
10:40 pm
the wind reports, sustain wind feedspeeds at 22 miles per hour out to sfo, fairfield at 10 and santa rosa at the south is the aerodirection at 7 miles per hour. the winds will be back as we head into your sunday, especially for the afternoon hours. for tonight, partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow a sun-cloud mix with gusty winds. the extend, once again a dry weather pattern and temperatures do warm back up. first thing sunday morning partly cloudy skies. a little bit of a breeze out there. temperatures to start out the day definitely want to bundle up, oakland around 41 degrees. foreman 140 and san josi starting out the day at 40. here is the weather system we have been tracking over the past few days. this is sliding to the south and east. we have a slight chance of light showers heading into sunday morning. for most your sunday, partly cloudy skies, but the back side of the low will generate those winds out of the northwest approaching 25-30 miles per
10:41 pm
hour. with that low, moving out to the east, this will generate some snow showers out towards the sierra as we head into sunday. no warnings or watches in place, but still you might need the chains on 80 or 50. look at what happens early tomorrow morning. evidence of the rainband pushing in from north to south and spotty sprinks in the portions of the south embankment 6:00, partly cloudy skies and we'll scale back on some of the overcast as we head into the afternoon hours. temperatures for your sunday, for the second half of the weekend, mainly in the 50s, san josi 56 and pleasanton 53 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view, not as windy for your monday. it will be cold that. will probably be the coldest morning of the week and we gradually warm up the numbers back into the low to mid-60s with no rain clouds. once again a slight chance of showers heading into the
10:42 pm
sunday. ken has the suitcases all packed for new orleans tomorrow. quick check there, temperatures in the 70s. >> 70s, i like it. >> take your suntan lotion. >> and we'll cap it off with a 49er victory. [ laughter ] >> thank you, mark. there is word that billionaire larry ellison is being asked to buy the kings. in the past ellison tried and failed to buy the golden state warriors in 2010 and the new orleans hornets in 2011. last week the maloof family who owns 65% of the kings announced a deal that could likely move the kings to seattle. a spokesman for ellison declined to comment. >> coming up next, san josi sharks have a hot start as they met the avalanche. sportswrap is next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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